The business has been trading for about thirty years now. The music is mainly on a comprehensive database which is an aid in finding those precious hard to find titles.

Searches are undertaken free-of-charge and if purchases are made they are packed in board backed envelopes to protect against damage.

Please request a list, a title or let us know your particular interest and our considerable experience will aid your search.


Who is this web site aimed at?
People who want printed sheet music that cannot be found in music shops or ordered from the publishers. They are frustrated at their inability to find some melodic tune that is remembered from previous years but is no longer available.

Why not?
Because it’s out-of-print or else not available in the form that has been published in the past.

Where does it come from?
From people who no longer need it but the web site readers may want it. Bygone Tunes offers a link between these people by buying pre-owned out-of-print music sheets or albums. It is an appreciated service available by mail order only.

How can you request a piece of music or an area of musical interest that is not in the shops?
Just send an e-mail, write a letter, or make a ‘phone call to discuss your requirements.

Are they expensive?
If you want the music to play or sing then they are very reasonable. If your interest in music is to find very rare pieces that are collectable, then you will already know that these are more expensive to obtain in good condition. Bygone Tunes always prides itself in being good value for money.

Millions of music have been published-how many has Bygone Tunes got?
The collection amounts to many thousand titles of single sheets and also many hundred albums. The stock is mainly from the last century.
Lists are available for the popular music (single sheets) on three catalogues of titles and composers viz.: Pre 1940 publications; 1940’s and 1950’s publications and 1960 to 2000 publications. (About 8,000 in total)
(You will realise that they are available in the form that they were sold in the shops of yesteryear- i.e. not photocopied or special arrangements or chorus only.)
There are also the following lists available:
Piano solos (in single sheet or collections in albums).
Selections from theatre and film.
Keyboard music books
And a smaller stock of banjo and accordion music.

We must apologise that the stock is limited to keyboard instruments and classical music is only a small part of the stock. Storage room is limited and so demand dictates space allocated for stock, I’m afraid.